Fi Ops Clearance Associate

· Iselin, New Jersey
Employment Type Contractor
Minimum Experience Entry-level

SoHo Dragon represents an investment bank with offices in Iselin, NJ. Our client needs to hire a Fi Ops Clearance to handle settlement of all fixed income related activity thru BDC and back office systems, also the daily cash and asset balancing of the back office system to the depository.

3 days in office 2 days home (subject to change)

  • The duties involve resolving trade discrepancies and the resolution of these issues between the trading desk and counterparties.
  • The duties will include reconciliation of all products.
  • The specialist will be responsible for the daily asset and cash balancing of BDC and the appropriate aging and reporting of all discrepancies.
  • Additional duties include Triparty position allocation/reconciliation along with fail balancing and the resolution of fails with individual counterparties along with the appropriate escalation of fail discrepancies. 
  • Fails are to be followed up on a daily basis and confirmation is to be documented.
  • In addition, all post settlement reconciling items are to be identified and reconciled on a daily basis, this includes the detailed documentation of all reconciling items, this documentation is to complete and precise and all issues are to be escalated to senior management.
  • The individual is responsible for resolving security and cash suspense items and to formally document and age all such items.
  • The individual is also responsible for the valuation of end of day collateral for firm financing.
  • Lastly, the individual will be responsible for all Treasury Auctions along with reconciliation/documentation associated with this process.

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